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Elysium Industries

We offer a new kind of exoskeleton that trains, improves or reactivates human movement.

High Tech smart materials with integrated dynamic walking pattern. Allready patented. 

Using intelligent lightweight materials.


We support the human movement

For An 
extense Lifestyle

We transfer our approved space application towards a sport and training device.

We preserve the natural movement

to provide
a persistent feeling

We offer a new kind of exoskeleton that trains, improves or reactivates human movement.

Allready tested on hard enviroments and extreme dynamic conditions

Founder / CEO

Since 2012 Prof. Dr. Seif is Senior Manager at UNITY AG. He is in the leadership team of the Competence Center Digitalization and IT Management and responsible for Industrie 4.0 / Internet of Things initiatives. Prof. Dr. Heiko Seif studied mechanical engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology with focus on production automation. He started his career in the simultaneous engineering team at Daimler where he was responsible for the automation of production facilities. He continued his profession at the BMW Group where he was consultant in the field of technology management and innovation. Since 2010 he is lecturer at the Munich Business School and holds a professorship for international management, entrepreneurship & innovation. He is Dean of research and director of the DBA program in collaboration with Sheffield Hallam University

Dipl.Ing. Ralph Hohenwarter studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Regensburg with a focus on production and materials technology.
After graduation, he gained many years of experience in the development of complex hardware and software in the high-tech sector for a major car manufacturer. He started the technical development of the EXOSkeleton at the beginning of 2013 and was able to technically solve the most important problems and thus develop a successful concept

Julian von der Neyen Co-Founder,
With his experience as a manager and entrepreneur, Julian is responsible for various tasks and functions in the management of technology-oriented companies. He began his professional career as a management trainee in the management program of Deutsche Lufthansa in Frankfurt. This was followed by various positions in the management consultancy, most recently at Unity AG in Munich, where he worked in the Technology division. Since 2014, Julian is the CEO of a digital agency in Munich and holds various supervisory mandates of technology-oriented companies

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